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We offer both air pressure testing and solutions


Air Testing Companies and Air Pressure Testing Services

Introduction to Air Pressure Testing



Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

A UKAS Accredited Company Registered in England & Wales No. 527550


Air Testing Companies Information
Air Pressure Testing are a leading UK based air testing company providing a range of services including a complete range of technical Air Tightness testing, Thermographic surveys and consultancy services to help clients gain compliance to Part L.

Although there are a number of other Air Testing companies operating in the UK, we at Air Pressure Testing offer both Air Leakage & Acoustic Testing and are happy to offer advice and guidelines on making sure your building project complies with both Air Tightness and Acoustic specifications in the UK.

Air Pressure Testing Company Information

Air Pressure Testing offer Simple solutions to your Air Leakage problems based on years of practical on-site experience.

• As a leading Air Pressure Company we offer rapid turnaround of quotes.
• Easy to read quotes with all costs clearly shown as you would expect from leading Air Pressure Companies in the UK
• Fast, simple and efficient administrative system.
• Pre-site visits. (A small charge is made for this service.)
• Simple, reliable and accurate on-site test procedures that comply with the latest revised standards.
• Non intrusive test method
• Saturday & Sunday as well as out of hours working up to 22.00 hrs
• Flexible test times to suit YOU.
• Quick response for a test. (This can be as little as 24hrs if all the details are made available to us, to include the envelope area and the volume of the building along with the Air leakage rate you need to achieve
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff on all tests.
• Our aim is to get you a Pass!

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Contact Air Tightness Test Services - A UK Air Testing Company

Air Pressure Testing or air tightness test failures to a project can prove costly in relation to both financial and programme aspects of the project. Successful Building Air and Sound Tests stem from an attention to detail at an early stage in the Design and Construction Processes. This is something we at Air Pressure Testing take very seriously.

Air Pressure Testing is one of the leading Air Pressure Companies in the UK, taking great pride in being both Proactive in our approach and working with our clients to achieve successful air tightness test results.

By Mobile - 07967 233836 (available 7am to 10pm)

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Air Pressure Testing Company
Our company believes in working with our clients to achieve the best possible results for an Air Tightness Test. We believe that by being involved at the beginning of a project we can save our clients expensive and difficult remedial works at the completion stage of a project.

Our Aim Is To Get You A Pass!

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