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Air Pressure Testing are an independent Air Testing Company, who specialise in the testing of all new buildings and dwellings for:

  • Air Tightness Testing: to Parts L1 and L2 of the Building Regulations
  • Sound testing for compliance with Part E of the building regulations
  • Fire enclosure Testing: for compliance with NFPA 2001 or ISO 14520
  • Thermographic Surveys for: Insulation continuity checks


We also offer design and construction stage consultancy services to help our clients achieve successful test results at the first attempt. Please download our introduction letter, this explains all our available services along with designer/contractor checklists.

Air Tightness Testing
We are able to provide a personal, helpful, efficient and cost effective service to our clients. Using new high power door fans systems, we can offer Air Pressure Testing to all building types, including houses, in accordance with ATTMA Technical Standard TS1.

The checklists below provide information to help our clients prepare for air tests. The items that need to be completed prior to an air test being carried out are listed and common areas of air leakage identified.

View houses checklist

View commercial checklist

If you require information on different areas of leakage, different types of construction materials/materials.

View building materials construction checklist

Air Test Services
Our Company believes in working with our clients to achieve the best possible results for an Air Test. We believe that by being involved at the beginning of a project we can save our clients expensive and difficult remedial works at the completion stage of a project.

Acoustic/Sound Testing  View Checklist

Using the latest equipment our sound testing services are able to confirm that sound insulation standards have been met for both airborne speech and impact noise under the new Part E Regulations. We undertake background noise surveys, as well as specialising in noise at work assessments for small, mid sized and large workplaces. Offering highly detailed and comprehensive reports detailing:

Complete Breakdown of Our Acoustic Services <view range of acoustic services>

Fire Integrity Testing  View Checklist
Air Pressure Testing can provide the necessary Room Integrity Testing to the required NFPA 2001 or ISO 14520 methodologies. We have extensive experience in testing all types and sizes of enclosure, from server rooms in offices to hospital intensive care units. The British and International Standard (BS:ISO 14520) requires that an enclosure integrity test (room integrity test, fan test, or pressure test) be conducted on system installation and thereafter on an annual basis.

To comply with BS:ISO 14520; please download our annual enclosure test sheet – when its completed; please return it back to us and we will be in contact to arrange a convenient testing schedule.

Air & Fire Sealing
We undertake all types of air sealing and fire stopping works. We are able to offer a comprehensive sealing service from initial design reviews and site surveys to onsite air sealing and fire integrity sealing works and onto the final air leakage and air integrity test. This provides you a one stop solution for all of air leakage and fire integrity testing requirements.

Thermographic Testing      View Checklist
We can undertake Infrared Thermographic surveys to identify areas where insulation is missing, cold bridging and air leakage & heat loss pathways.

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Air Pressure Testing or Sound Test failures to a project can prove costly in relation to both financial and programme aspects of the project. Successful Building Air and Sound Tests stem from an attention to detail at an early stage in the Design and Construction Processes. This is something we at Air Pressure Testing take very seriously.

Air Testing Services

Air Pressure Testing is a
UK based company which prides itself on being Proactive and working with our clients to achieve successful test results.

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