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1. Does my building require a test?

At this time all buildings with a Gross Floor Area over 500m² and a representative sample of dwellings are required to be tested. Gross Floor Area is the total area for all floors in the building. Some buildings in the Agricultural, Explosives and Nuclear Industries are Exempt. Contact us for more information.

2. What do I need to do before a test?

Once we have received an order to carry out an Air Test, we will forward a list of items that can be sealed for the test. Contact us for more information.

3. What does a test involve?

Basically, we attach a large fan to a personnel door of your building, and blow large amounts of air into the building. By using gauges to measure pressure, temperature and air flow in the building, we can calculate the building leakage.

At constant pressures we measure the amount of air we need to blow into the building to maintain the pressure. This is equal to the amount of air that is leaking out of the building.

4. How much pressure?

We only need to increase the air pressure in the building by approximately 50 Pascals (Pa). This is a very low pressure increase, and will not cause any damage. It is perfectly safe to carry on working inside the building during the test.

5. How long does the air test take?

Normally, we would expect the air test to last approximately 2 hours on site.

6. What if my building fails the test?

If the building fails the Air Test, we can carry out a smoke test on the day of the test, to identify the areas of leakage.

We can also arrange for a thermal image survey to be carried out to identify areas of leakage. Unfortunately this is not available on the day of the test.


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